PromeTMJ6600: casting SLA/DLP resin

Prome Resin

Here we provider those 3D Printer Photopolymer Resin related to your 3d printing. Those interesting products innovated by our team will give you a hand to gain better 3d printing experience.


Prome J6600 is a deluxe resin for Jewelry molding. It is easy to print, has high quality, stable sizes, smooth surface. It presents elegant details with little ablation residue, which process the strongest possible strength for molding.

Applications: Jewelry casting

Technical Specifications

  • Tensile Strength(MPa)
    (ASTMD638) 50
  • Elastic Modulus(MPa)
    (ASTMD638) 980
  • Elongation at Break(%)
    (ASTMD638) 12


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