Prome TM S6100: standard SLA/DLP resin



S6100 is a stable and high-performance standardized resin. It also has great size accuracy as well as edge accuracy, which is great for displaying details of the prints. This product can be customized for different colors and will be a great photopolymer resin for various uses.

Applications: Complicated prints such as toys, artworks, and machinery parts.

Technical Specifications

  • Tensile Strength(MPa)
    (ASTMD638) 46
  • Elastic Modulus(MPa)
    (ASTMD638) 1150
  • Elongation at Break(%)
    (ASTMD638) 15
  • Bending Strength(MPa)
    (ASTMD790) 50
  • Flexural Modulus(MPa)
    (ASTMD790) 1600
  • Notched Impact(J/m)
    (ASTMD256) 22
  • Shore Hardness
    (ASTMD2240) 86D
  • Deformation Temperature(℃)
    (ASTMD648) 60
  • Best printing surrounding: 20-25℃,RH≤ 50%


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